Wednesday, November 26, 2008

keep on giving . . .

And now it's Thanksgiving eve, and I'm still behind on my 29-Day Giving Challenge posting . . . sometimes, life just doesn't work out the way you expect or intend or want. As my dear friend, Diana, says, I am not in charge (no matter how much I like to think I am!)!

And as my journalistic heroine, Linda Ellerbee, says, and so it goes . . .

Day 15: Myself a vacation. A girlfriends weekend- the best.

Day 16: An old friend a big (and happy, luckily) surprise. Such fun. :)

Day 17: A toast to 30 years (!!) of friendship.

Day 18: My silence to my spouse (believe me, it was a gift).

Day 19: An etiquette lesson to my daughter. I'm a big believer in the handwritten thank-you note, and I'm doing my best not to let it become a lost art of appreciation.

Day 20: Gifts to my oldest friend, Audrey, and her darling twins.

Day 21: Five lawn bags full of clothes to Goodwill. And a clean closet is a gift to yourself.

Day 22: Thanks/Thanksgiving cards to a few friends and my birth-stepfather.

To be continued . . . still . . . 

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Diana said...

You are a very giving person - thank you for "giving" me the 29-day challenge, which I have now completed. If you go to my blogs - either the Garden blog of the 29-day blog, you will see what a great impact you've made on my life. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.