Saturday, April 28, 2012

mad for men.

mad men, that is.

mad men returned with season five about a month ago,
following a year & a half hiatus.

i was a little worried it might not live up
to its prior level of spectacular indulgence.

i needn't've worried.
it's still incredible.

so much so, it inspired me to mad-men-myself anew:

& while, naturally, myriad disturbing things
have already happened this season,
some fistpump-worthy moments have unfolded, as well.

joan dumped her abusive, absentee, not-baby-daddy, bad-spousal-choice, dr. rapist.

lane punched pete in the nose on all of our behalves.

& maybe the most memorable moment came smackdab in the middle of the first episode,
as we shared don's gobsmacked-ocity watching megan's coquettish performance
of the sex kitten's birthday song, "zou bisou bisou."
[which translates to "oh, kiss kiss," by the way.]

i recently discovered a wonderful website
for m-squared fanatics such as myself:
natasha vargas cooper's mad men unbuttoned is a self-described
"cultural catalogue/romp through '60s america/footnotes of mad men."

she comments on the show, but also posts historical information about
the cultural references that come up during each episode —
real products scdp is pitching, literary references & their significance,
memoirs of ad men from that era — it's fascinating, really.

& how i learned more about the french new wave of feelings & yeye,
& discovered this music video of zoobi as performed by miss gillian hills, ca. 1962:

returning to our regularly scheduled program . . .
roger still slays me just about every time he opens his mouth.

& while i like the progressive addition of don's black secretary, dawn,
[i hope they give her a storyline!],
i must confess, i still miss dearly departed miss blankenship
& all the sh*t she gave roger.

here's to you, ida!! ;D

image sources: geek amour, tauntr, amc.

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Mrs. Blake said...

Have been a fan from the onset and am loving this season! It's so fun to be transported into that time, that world...and they do such a marvelous job of getting us there! Love the Playboy pics, and can't wait to check out that site...thanks for sharing!