Monday, April 23, 2012

george the giant.

have you seen giant george?
he's difficult to miss. & ginormously darling.

george is both the tallest living dog & the tallest dog ever,
according to guiness world records.

born november 17, 2005, george was the runt of his litter.
adopted as a pup by david & christie nasser, the blue great dane now measures
43 inches at the withers, is 7'3" nose to tail, & weighs 245 pounds.
he lives with his family in tucson, az.

at home, he loves riding around his 'hood in a golf cart,
he has his own queen-sized mattress to sleep upon,
& he eats about 110 lbs. of food a month,
typically a combo of rotisserie chicken, yogurt & dog food.

he's rather huge with the media, too.

he's been on numerous news shows, &, ahem, oprah.
he's got his own website.
he's got his own facebook page [almost 123k fans].
he's got his own twitter feed [over 2,500 followers].

& now, he's got his own life story,
giant george: life with the world's biggest dog.

so you can read about george, follow him, like him or visit him.
& of course, join his official global fan club.

i'm sending off for my membership today. woof! i mean, WOOF!!!!!!

image source: facebook. :)

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