Saturday, April 21, 2012

i moustache you . . .

. . . a question: can you feel it??

i do. i feel another etsy collection coming on.

for some reason, moustaches are very en vogue at the moment.
& for some reason, i find them tres amusant.

so, without further frenglish frasing,
i present a baker's dozen of fabu facial-hair fenoms:

mr. moustache baby mobile
100% recycled paper & premium nut veneer
by jaell & tofta [germany]

mustard moustache fabric fat quarter
18 x 27", lightweight canvas 55% linen | 45%cotton
by new mom designs

moustache wall wear
3" hoop
by nea jewelry & stitching [canada]

eggmen series: mr. blooey eggenmeire
5x7" fine art photograph
by happee monkee [australia]

a field guide to typestaches poster
18 x 24", frame not included
by old tom foolery

banana with moustache tote
recycled cotton, 15.75 x 12"
by kikichoo [england]

moustache vinyl decal
135mm x 40mm
by oh, dear molly [england]

handcut felt moustaches on a stick
set of 15 party pack
by red bird makes [england]

10 fantastico chocolate moustaches
also available in white chocolate
by swankk

blond moustache stud earrings
100% renewable bamboo
by isette

just under your nose moustache ring
sterling silver
by melanie favreau [canada]

rango the cowboy of love sock monkey
18" top to toes
by tweeling [canada]

top image source:
brown moustache nuk
bpa-free pacifier, 6 months & up
by creative cuteness

1 comment:

Mrs. Blake said...

LOVE! How cute is that monkey?! I'm glad that the moustache trend seems to be 'sticking' around...much like a friendly faux-stache. ;o)