Friday, March 23, 2012

national puppy day!!

woohoo & woofwoof! it's national puppy day!

according to the official website, national puppy day was launched in 2006
to not only celebrate the magic of puppies, but also
to help save puppies in peril around the world,
to educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills,
& to work toward an America of puppy-free pet stores.

which is all extremely noble & worthy.

but just for licks, er, kicks,
i'm celebrating puppy day by promoting my top ten products
featuring my latest favorite puppy, the french bulldog [fbd],
offered by the artists of my favorite handmade e-marketplace,

fbd text art
8x10" stretched canvas print
by rescue love

fbd silver silhouette necklace
sterling, 16" chain
by an original jewelry

fbd silver silhouette earrings
by creative dexterity

letterpress fbd in love cards
6 - 3.5x5" w/envelopes
by fat bunny press

fbd blank notecards
5 - 4.25x5.5" w/envelopes
by the painted peep show

frenchy the fbd
4.5x6.5" print
by leftpaw

fbd handpainted burlap pillow
14x14", insert included
by courtnees creations

fbd onesie
sizes available newborn-12mos
by MaddiesMomE baby boutique

fbd amigurumi keychain
by twisty creations

the french bulldog
8x10" print
by schlueter art works handdrawn pencil sketches

now, go pet a puppy!!

image source: bubba the french bulldog, 8x10" print, by church key jewelry & accessories, $11.99.

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