Thursday, March 15, 2012

the tutu project.

there is a man who is a professional photographer who lives in new york city.
his name is bob carrey.
he is married to linda.

the carreys used to live in phoenix. while there, ballet arizona asked bob
to contribute an original image for a media campaign.
bob chose to snap a shot of himself in a pink tutu.

a few months later, in 2003, the carreys moved across the country from phoenix to nyc.
bob thought he might begin a series of himself in the tutu,
so he kept it close at hand as they drove across the country.

the first tutu self-portrait happened in santa fe.

in bob's words,
"i began to realize that a bit of pink tulle can change the
context of an environment & people's reaction to it."

six months later, linda was diagnosed with breast cancer.
she beat it, but a few years later, in 2006, it recurred.
she has been undergoing chemo ever since.

again, bob's words:
"oddly enough, [linda's] cancer has taught us that life is good,
dealing with it can be hard, & sometimes the very best thing —
no, the only thing — we can do to face another day is
to laugh at ourselves, & share a laugh with others."

& so the tutu project continued,
spreading its rare tincture of silliness & beauty
one pirouette at a time.

soon, bob will self-publish ballerina, the book,
a collection of his tutu images & some humorous stories
about the adventures of a man & his pink tulle.

all proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly
to breast-cancer organizations.
the carreys' goal is to raise $75,000.

you can purchase prints of tutu photos or preorder the book here.
you can visit & like the tutu project's facebook page here.
& you can enjoy just a taste of bob's terrific tutu self-portraiture here:

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