Friday, June 1, 2012

the new january.

ah . . . the melee month of may is over.

for moms of school-age children —
as my dear friend ana says —
may is the new december.
except sans jesus & bing.

it's full of school-year end
exams, field trips, performances, celebrations, gifts, thank-yous . . .
not to mention summer preparations
for camps, trips & the unavoidable "i'm bored" times in-between.

so, i accidentally took the month of may off from the blog.
i've got a ton of posts ready to be written,
but have had no hours ready to be dedicated to blog-post writing.

so eventually, a little past mid-month, i released the intention
[& the self-induced anxiety + guilt] & let. it. go.
to be continued today, june 1st.

[abbreviation of tum-ta-da-da!]

so . . .
hello, june.

hello, summer days.

hello, lightening [not lightning; lighten-ing].

hello, sleeping a little later.

hello, moving a little more.

hello, reading a lot more.

hello, creating a ton more.

hello, mama retreat.

hello, road trip.

hello, birthday karaoke.

hello, serious decluttering.

hello, pool.

hello, popsicles.

hello, fun.

& hello again, blogging + bloggees.

happy we're all here!! :)

image source: honeytree @ etsy.

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Diana said...

Hello, June to you, too. my sense of relief is both saying good-bye to May and hello to a change of scenery. Ahhhh...