Tuesday, June 5, 2012

bear-y cute update.

just a quick update on jewel, ely, minnesota's 3yo black bear
who gave birth to two cubs last january,
much to the delight of the thousands of web-watchers tuned in to her den cam,
via the north american bear center & the wildlife research institute.

mama bear jewel & cubs herbie & fern are all healthy &
spending early summer out & about [it's a balmy 70+F during the days].
the cubs are now 4.5mos, & rather a big ol' bear paw-ful.

from this video [dated 5.12.12], you can see climbing & hanging & swinging
seem to be among their favorite activities, apparently to their mother's weary chagrin.

you can see more videos of jewel's family & other bears being tracked by the wri|nabc
at the bearstudy youtube channel.
or read all about them at the wri's daily updates.

image source: herbie full-throttle, up a tree as usual.

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