Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mama bear jewel.

update on jewel, the ely, mn, black bear
with a den cam full of people of the interwebs
watching & waiting for her to give birth
[the pressure!!] . . .

jewel had two healthy, lively cubs
last sunday, 1.22.2012, around 7:30a.

the addition of newborns has made the den cam
much more interesting & made jewel's hopes of hibernation
much less likely to be realized —
tons of noise & activity pretty much around the clock.

you can read up on den happenings at the
wildlife research institute's daily updates,

you can watch a video of jewel
comforting her cacophonous cubs

or you can go directly to the den cam for current cub status.

happy happy congratulations to first-time mama bear, jewel!

image source: wildlife research institute.

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