Friday, January 27, 2012

what's your musical taste?

whatever it may be, drinkify's got you covered.

thanks to clever jessica jones of how about orange
for introducing this little boozy bff to my e-universe.

just type in what you're listening to,
& drinkify recommends just the right mix . . . er.
along with an alcoholic accompaniment, of course.

ella fitzgerald? bottle of merlot, room temp w/a twist of orange.

jack johnson? gin, honey & cranberry juice, garnished with shrimp.

puccini? 12 oz. reb bull.

john fahey? old rip van winkle bourbon, rocks w/bubblegum garnish.

kristin chenoweth? crown royal whiskey & red bull.

see how much fun?
go. try. giggle.
& if you've got the money for a liquor-store run
& the time to nurse a hangover, then sure — imbibe.

just be careful mixing genres.

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Mrs. Blake said...

I just discovered this, isn't it great?! I love that you'll be sippin' moonshine when The Lizards are on, btw...

kriscard said...

yeah, baby ... with pickled carrot sticks, no less. ;D