Friday, January 20, 2012

live pregnant bears.

today, i'm grateful not to be a pregnant black bear
up in -24F ely, minnesota,
with a den cam streaming live video of me
24/7 worldwide.

& i'm grateful to be able to watch live streaming video
of a black bear up in ely, minnesota,
as she prepares to give birth for the first time,
on my laptop in my climate-controlled home office here in austin, texas.

i mean, how amazing is that??

jewel is a 3yo black bear being tracked by
the north american bear center & the wildlife research institute.

the nabc is a nonprofit organization working to advance the long-term survival
of bears worldwide by replacing misconceptions with scientific facts.
it's also working to conserve bear habitat, stop bear poaching,
rehabilitate injured or orphaned bears back into the wild, &
find ways to reduce conflict between people & bears.

the wri is conducting the longest & most detailed black bear study
& the largest educational outreach program ever done for black bears.
its research is intended to improve the coexistence of people & bears
in an increasingly urbanized environment.

so these are good folks, trying to save great bears.

& they've got three different den cams working. totally awesome.
explore their websites, & if you want to follow jewel's journey, check this:
jewel's den cam.

image source: wildlife research institute daily updates.

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