Wednesday, January 11, 2012

liza, judy & mario.

i just can't get enough of the holidays.

ok, that's a lie.
i've had more than enough holiday hubbub & hoopla
[& histrionics?] to last me another near-year.

so next sunday, under threat of death
[or a nasty note, at least] from our homeowners association,
we're definitely packing up the merry at our house
[the christmas kind, at least].

but before we say farewell to all the falala,
i've just got to sneak in this final bit of jolly:

comedian mario cantone [whom i typically find obnoxious]
in a christmastime appearance on the view, holiday 2009,
doing impressions of celebrity xmas albums.

the finale mother-daughter "duet"
brings me to tears [of joy] every. single. time.

merry on, y'all. :)

image source: ms. t's blog.

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