Tuesday, July 5, 2011

name that blog.

notice anything different about my blog, careful readers?
anything new at all?

no, it hasn't lost weight.
no, it hasn't changed its 'do.
no, it hasn't begun posting with greater regularity.
[snap. dang!]

ok. it's not that big of a deal,
so don't feel bad for not noticing.

i changed my blog's explanatory subtitle.

it was: because feminism isn't the f-word.
it is: notions of a suburban feminist.

why the change?

i simply wanted something that more accurately
explained what this blog is.

it is woman-centric.
because i am a woman, &
because what i want this blog to do is connect with women.
so skirting the issues still applies.

but i felt the former subtitle
might have implied a politicism to my content
that definitely emerges from time to time,
but that is not what this blog is all about.

this blog is all about life, work & the world
from the perspective of

a 40something
people pleaser
emotional eater
& control freak

working toward
physical health
financial well-being
a happy nest
consistent creativity
more sleep
less diet coke
respect for mother nature
& yes, equality for women.

so, what do you think?
does notions of a suburban feminist cover it?
got other thoughts?
please feel free to share . . .

& while you're mulling, enjoy
this slice of inspiration pie
a la the feminist majority:

"the idea was never victory and defeat.
the whole idea was,
you should pardon the expression,
equality - that we're actual human beings,
& that was it.
i know it sounds radical,
but that was it."

~ gloria steinem, explaining the concept
of feminism to stephen colbert.

image source: me + instagram.

1 comment:

Diana said...

It's technically correct, and it fits the bill of a limited subtitle/tagline, but seems somehow...lacking. That list is so much more complex and interesting and ecclectic and fun. And so much more - you. Maybe it's my bias against the word suburban and its occasional negative connotations...Creative musings of a spirited and insightful gal might get a little closer! But then, that's my friend perspective! Guess I'll just try your new one on for a while and see how it feels! In any case, change is good.