Tuesday, July 26, 2011


44 things about her @ 44.

1. she is perfectly imperfect.

2. today, the life wishes she had @ 22 have all come true.

3. she is happy.

4. she still feels something greater is waiting for her.

5. she is addicted to diet coke.

6. she wishes she had one right here, right now.

7. she is blessed with good eyebrows.

8. she has never had a cavity.

9. she has left the usa only twice.

10. she has never been to mexico.

11. she prefers tex-mex food over authentic mexican cuisine.

12. she thinks pinatas at parties are an invitation for trouble [& possibly trauma].

13. she feels the number 13 is lucky.

14. she lives life sleep-deprived.

15. she has days' worth of reading to catch up on,
not counting books.

16. she loves her blog.

17. she wants to journal consistently.

18. she has tried many, many times. unsuccessfully.

19. she believes people are essentially good &
trying their best.

20. she still can't believe she grew two
beautiful little people with her body.

21. she still isn't sure three dogs is a great idea.

22. she [ironically?] loves being alone.

23. she surrounds herself with words.

24. she works at being gentle with herself.

25. she isn't sure how to teach her children self-compassion.

26. she loves learning how to hula.

27. she wants to make money using her handwriting.

28. she wants to sing with a big band.

29. she wants to take a walking tour of ireland.

30. she wants to learn to speak italian
& go to italy.

31. she drives a happy-mobile.

32. she pays for the person behind her at the mcdonald's
drive-through once a week.

33. she loves turning 44 within two weeks of
our 44th president turning 50.

34. she believes in a higher power.

35. she believes a whole lotta power is within each of us.

36. she fantasizes about living somewhere with
non-extreme weather.

37. she misses lost in space, thirtysomething & mad men.

38. she is still in denial about the
cancellation of "all my children."

39. she has a strange fascination with
creepy true-crime television.

40. she has an odd fixation on bald, gay tv weathermen.

41. she misses her birthmom &
her two dear friends who have gone.

42. she is fairly sure her brain is over 50% song lyrics.

43. she isn't sure about the location of the line
between self-improvement & self-acceptance.

44. she loves her a list.


stacyj said...

I adore this post and you're right, you do have great eye brows! Sorry I'm late to wish you Happy Birthday!!

kriscard said...

OMG - I'm WOWed that you read & commented on my beloved blog! Thank you so much, Stacy, for the compliment & the belated birthday wishes! :)