Saturday, July 9, 2011

great cogitations.

guy-to-girl translator & vice versa.
great idea, yes?

as is the location of its origin,
the idea swap.

yes, another brilliant way to time-suck on the internet.

the concept is simple:
you submit an idea of 150 characters or fewer [greatness not required],
& trade them with other people's ideas of <150 characters.


some great. some impossible. some silly. some soulful.

you can just keep on clicking & idea-gathering until . . .
well, until you've time-sucked to your satisfaction.
or your self-reproach. or your just plain boredom.

or until you hit a keeper like this:
just make small & steady progress
toward a few clear goals.
make cool stuff.
make things better.


& typing of great ideas, the australians
have had another one [in addition to
huge beers, sexy accents & hugh jackman].

according to gizmag, aussie researchers at
the royal melbourne institute of technology
may have found a way to power laptop computers
by typing on them.

the discovery involves piezoelectric materials -
which can convert mechanical energy into electric power.
research on piezoelectric thin films is fairly new,
but this study's findings on such material's
capacity for turning mechanics into electricity
is promising - & not just for electronics.

“the power of piezoelectrics could be integrated into
running shoes to charge mobile phones
or used to convert blood pressure
into a power source for pacemakers —
essentially creating an everlasting battery,”
says dr. madhu bhaskaran, the study’s co-author.

& for the ipad-ites among us, never fear -
scientists are also exploring ways to
power touchscreen devices through finger-swiping.


image source: the idea swap.

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Diana said...

OMG. Look what an amazing thing you found in your time-suck. Wow. And I can remember manual typewriters and carbon paper. Sheesh. It is a Brave New World. How are ya?