Monday, May 9, 2011

a week ago.

an american's prayer
on the occasion of the death
of the fbi's #1 most wanted.

dear God,

please forgive me my joy
in the destruction of a fellow human being.
while i disagree with those who are openly reveling
in the snuffing out of another spirit,
i can't help feeling a little jubilant
at the widespread relief of fear, sense of justice
& other good this brutal finale might yield.

please give this man's soul rest.
he lived a life full of fear & ego & loathing & violence,
& i seriously doubt true contentment or serenity
were ever part of his earthly experience.
let your grace now show him what might have been.

please let this event provide some peace
to the people whose loved ones were murdered
at this man's command on 9-11 & in other attacks.
let the reality that he will never again
induce the same pain upon anyone else
ease theirs as they face a lifetime of grief.

please protect us all as this man's followers
seek bitter revenge for his execution.
let them see the light of your love
& know true faith is not about the particulars
of how we believe in you, but simply
that we do,
& that your wish is for us to see the sameness among us
& use it as a way to connect,
not dwell on the differences between us
& use it as an excuse to kill.

finally, i want to thank you, God,

for the brave men & women who put their lives
on the line every day to help keep us safe;

for their loved ones who suffer so much
loneliness & worry to support them;

for our country's leaders, who call upon
your wisdom & guidance daily [hourly?]
as they deal with the overwhelming task of
making so many choices affecting so many lives;

& for your ultimate judgment of this man
& of us all, as it offers us one less reason
to sit in judgment of one another
as we struggle to coexist
on this miraculous little blue planet
you've created for us.

thank you.

doing my best to live in the light,

image source: federal bureau of investigation.

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