Monday, May 16, 2011

hello, monday.

hello, monday morning.

hello, springtime weather.
hello, gorgeous.
hello, may's second act.

hello, summer, just around the corner.

hello, crazy camp calendar.
hello, sno-cones.
hello, summertime list.

hello, a dozen days of school left.
hello, classroom parties.
hello, teacher gifts.

hello, bookstore giftcards.
hello, special snapsots.
hello, butterfly poem.

hello, darling puppy on my foot.
hello, sneezing hound on the mend.
hello, three-dog nights again.

hello, purged playroom.
hello, clean little boy's room.
hello, refreshed front porch.

hello, work.
hello, transcription.
hello, procrastination be gone.

hello, clean house.
hello, healthy body.
hello, snazzy snax.
hello, dance.
hello, saturday night.
hello, 16th anniversary.

hello, full, beautiful life.
hello, love.

so, what are you saying hello to this fine may day??

image source: dreamland.

1 comment:

Diana said...

hello new floors
hello furniture repair guy
hello bug guy
hello delivery person
hello pruning guy
hello physical therapist
hello doctor
hello hair stylist
hello manicurist
hello school kids end of year party
hello Spain!