Tuesday, May 31, 2011

little boy moments.

as my favorite happiness guru says,
the days are long, but the years are short.

as another schoolyear ends
[& while they seem endless while we're immersed in them,
i realize a day will come when i can't believe they're over],
i'm faced with the fact that we are,
as a family, done with the primary grades [k-2].

which are the best ones, don't you agree?

we were lucky/blessed to go out with a bang, though.
little boy's second-grade teacher was this
amazing force of creativity & inspiration & positivity
who gave us the priceless gift of possibly our
best. year. ever.
[& definitely our best. year. yet.]

we heart you forever, mrs. b.

so as i grieve the unmistakeable reality
that my little boy is shedding his "little" status
little by little [as it were],
i thought i might document & share
a few moments of pure him, here & now:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
moment #1, 3.31.2011:

little boy's quote of the day, to our beagle-mix mutt:

"oh, kirby. don't lick your penis on daddy's birthday."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
moment #2, 4.2011:

little boy's class had a photo wall
featuring each student wearing a silly springtime hat.
he was wearing a yellow & black striped cap
with wings off to the sides;
his friend lolly wore a headband of big pink petals.

"i like your springtime pictures," i commented.
without missing a beat, he replied enthusiastically,

"i was a bumblebee.
lolly was a flower & i pollinated her."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
moment #3, 5.8.2011:

for mother's day,
one of the projects little boy created for me at school
was a "mom's gazette" worksheet for him to complete.
the headline read "world's best mom!", &
he drew the accompanying illustration,
filled in blanks in the story, &
checked all the "my mother is" boxes
he thought applied to me
[awesome, brave, brilliant, cheerful, considerate,
cool, craftsy, cuddly, cute,

he had checked all 21 boxes [awww!].

"wow, you checked all the boxes;
you really think i'm all of those things?" i asked.
"that's awfully sweet."
he answered flatly,

"yeah. the only one i wasn't sure i should check was 'energetic.'"

fair enough, bubby, fair enough.

here's to you, my little boy.
i hope you always fill our lives
with laughter & light & love
& one-liners & wop-wop moments.

i will always love you with my whole heart.
& then some.

& even when you are a big, tall, stunningly handsome man,
in my heart you will always be
my sweet, sunshiney, sensitive, hilarious, goofy
little boy.

image source: jb & lb, a perfect pairing.

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Jen said...

To the most energetic mom of the most hilarious little boy:
I feel so blessed that I got to witness first-hand so many of these note-worthy moments...my year was exponentially better because your family was a part of it.
Mrs. B