Thursday, May 12, 2011

oh, bama.

so, two days ago,
my president came to austin.
& i went to see him.

not quite personal [alas, no meet-&-greet],
but definitely up-close.

like, 25 feet, maybe.

yep. leader of the free world.
talking to about 750 austinites.
of which i was one.

talking about his first-term achievements.
talking about his second-term goals.

talking about disappointments.
talking about sacrifices.
talking about reality.

talking about connection.
talking about togetherness.
talking about sameness.

talking about americans.
talking about putting on boots.
talking about climbing up hills.

talking about yes. we. can.

now, that's what i'm talking about, y'all.

**HUGE thanks goes to my dear & generous friend
& fellow blogger diana,
who shelled out the giant clams necessary
for me to be her plus-one
to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
best. friend. ever.**

image source: just me & my canon powershot, baby. booyah.


ahufford said...

How awesome that you got to go! That is a great friend indeed. I was jealous because I had a friend who is a student and got in at that rate.

Diana said...

Awwww - again. It was awesome to share that great moment with you, my best friend.