Friday, August 27, 2010

what a week.

it's been back-to-school week here in austin.
it's also been the worst of our summertime weather to date.

yesterday, it hit a record 107 degrees F. zoinks.
recess is hell ... almost literally.

searing heat aside, it's been an energy-zapping week.

big girl began middle school.
little boy began a new elementary school.

kids full of dread, unsureness, worry.
mama full of conflict, sadness, worry.

of course, five days, a handful of crying jags,
about a hundred school supplies
& thousands of deep breaths later,
we're all ok.

still standing.
but ready for a rest.

one chill weekend, coming up.

meanwhile, for the mamas like me
who feel maybe they've earned another
epaulet or badge or other sort of insignia
on their invisible superwoman uniforms

recently, here's a reminder of the
essential importance of not necessarily
making the world safe for mankind,
but of just making your children's world
a little more manageable for them:

"changing the world is good for those
who want their names in books. but
being happy is for those who write their names
in the lives of others, & hold the hearts of others
as the treasure most dear.”
~ orson scott card ~

image source: life photo archive via google

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