Thursday, August 12, 2010


the number of miles
our little family drove
over nine days
during our first big road trip.

austin to santa fe
& home again
[home again, jiggity jig].

up to taos to hike & lunch
with llamas ["yah-mahs"].

down to albuquerque to ride
the world's longest aerial tram
& hike to the crest of sandia peak.

along a piece of the rio grande
for a little river rafting &
teensy-weensy toad catching.

a couple of impressive churches.
a couple of beautiful museums.
about a dozen quesadillas.

the plaza. turquoise. kokopelli.

& crystal mesa farm.
lovely. home of ...
donkeys [duke, trooper, puff &
the rowdy girls].
goats. sheep.
geese. ducks.
chickens & a new-found rooster.
a pig in a pigloo.
& olive,
the world's happiest
golden retriever.

far-off coyotes.
close-up snakes.

& the wonderful willey family.
marie, walt, chance & merit,
a thousand thanks.

& all that was just NM.

the road trip?
its own fun.

roswell. rattlesnakes.
paisano pete, the world's largest roadrunner.
old pete, muleshoe's life-size mascot.
the skunk trio of prairie dog town.
the goliath wind farms of big spring.

mad libs. audio books. traveling music.
a big honkin' speeding ticket [zoinks].
wally the worm. his theme song.
& the ghost of spongebob squarepants
at the schlotzsky's in lubbock.

overall, a terrific success. :)

here's my trip haiku:

new mexico road trip.
summer driving, adventure.
llamas were the best.

image source: ozzu webmaster forum

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