Friday, August 13, 2010


omg. i forgot to mention the hummingbirds.

at the crest of sandia peak,
we naturally stopped off at the gift shop/snack bar
[typically, our family's favorite element of a hike]. ;)

out on the patio was a hummingbird feeder
literally swarmed by dozens of the little buzzers.

it was amazing.

but beyond amazing was the fact that
you could walk right up to the feeder
&, if you were patient & still, eventually
a hummingbird or two would perch
upon your finger while it supped.

seriously wild.

here's the flipvideo
[still developing my calm camera hand] ...
the best hand-sitting happens within the final minute
[of course], but just the swarming
is extraordinary & entertaining.

animal planet, baby.

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