Tuesday, August 17, 2010

georgia on my mind.

i've been thinking of & wanting to write about
georgia o'keeffe
since our new mexico journey.

i've appreciated her work for decades,
but knew little about her as a person & artist
until we visited santa fe's georgia o'keeffe museum.

amazing, fascinating woman.

& while i might eventually
offer some highlights of her long life here,
today, my full life here & now is moving forward,
holding me firmly in its current.

next monday,
our big girl begins middle school &
our little boy begins a new elementary school.

transition city, here we come.

meanwhile, i'm beginning several new
ambitious professional projects,
following a fairly fallow [& thankfully
so] summer season.

yet, among ms. o'keeffe's cache of
thought-provoking words of wisdom,
i discover appropriate inspiration
for us all.

for them:
"i've been absolutely terrified
every moment of my life ...
& i've never let it keep me from doing
a single thing i wanted to do."

& for me:
"the days you work are the best days."

image source: posters of santa fe

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