Friday, July 9, 2010

thoughts of aloha.

thinking of hawai'i ...

where i'll be in five days.
where i'll celebrate my 43rd birthday in ten days.
where i'll be for a week with just my big sister,
in celebration of her upcoming milestone birthday.

plenty to do to prepare.
lists, lists, lists & lists.

& the discovery that the new u.s. poet laureate,
w.s. merwin, lives on a former pineapple plantation
atop a dormant volcano in maui.

here's a little something that seems appropos
from our hawaiian pulitzer-prize-winning poet laureate:

Something I’ve not done
is following me
I haven’t done it again and again
so it has many footsteps
like a drumstick that’s grown old and never been used
In late afternoon I hear it come closer
at times it climbs out of a sea
onto my shoulders
and I shrug it off
losing one more chance
Every morning
it’s drunk up part of my breath for the day
and knows which way
I’m going
and already it’s not done there
But once more I say I’ll lay hands on it
and add its footsteps to my heart
and its story to my regrets
and its silence to my compass

image source: me, kauai 2007.

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