Monday, July 26, 2010

day 15,703.

so i turned 43 a week ago today.

i spent the big day snorkeling & luau-ing
a la maui with my big sis.

nothing to whine about, for sure.

& i got tons of happy wishes
via cards, calls & facebook.

& my family had gifts waiting for me
the evening i got home.

yet i somehow feel like i
haven't really absorbed the occasion
just yet.

i think i'll put some time aside
during this chock-full week between travels
for me, myself & i to celebrate same.

meanwhile, i can comfort myself with the
following proven plusses of aging from
a found self magazine article:

- as women age, our appreciation of our friends & friendships grows greater [university of queensland study].

- as women age, we develop more solid, supportive social networks, which boost our confidence accordingly [psychology and aging report].

- as women age, we tend to regain our equilibrium more rapidly following upsetting news [national institute on aging findings].

good friends.

not much to whine about, for sure. :)

image source: me, ready to snorkel the molokini crater 7.19.2010

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