Monday, March 29, 2010

monday morning gratitudes.

no better way to get a week underway than with a laundry list of gratitudes ...

1. best. showerhead. ever. the speakman anystream, people. write it down.

2. method cleaning products, especially their new laundry detergent. cleans with a light, fresh scent, without toxins, and my heart's pumping for the pump [four pumps = a full load] - buh-bye, bulky jugs!

3. rupaul. i can't make it through a full episode of rupaul's drag race - too much drag queen/drama queen action for even me. but the back half is worth a gander ... rupaul is absolutely fabulous every show [including as his natural 50yo male self], and the moment when he lets one contestant know they're leaving is priceless - "you're fired"-equivalent catch phrase? "sashay away."

4. dancing with the stars - the girl can't help it. predictably hating nicole "pussycat doll" scherzinger - oversexed ringer. unexpectedly loving niecy nash - all that and an unabashed cheeseburger.

5. modern family - feels so good to have some watch-worthy sitcoms programmed into the dvr again! i've got a huge gay crush on cam/fizbo [though the actor, eric stonestreet, is apparently stone-straight, so unsure about all that ... ].

6. the phosphorescent green sheen on all outdoors of welcome, welcome springtime.

7. the top-secret duck pond we've discovered - only ten minutes from home with a sonic in-between, & with a new gang of ducklings weekly to be cooed over, counted & named [hello, newest additions: duck 1, duck 2 & speckles!!].

8. decluttered kids' spaces. updating of daughter's room decor still in progress, but earning taste trust through awesome area rug choices: priceless.

9. my sweet husband. double nickels & some kind of wonderful.

10. a yard that has be mowed, edged, weeded, trimmed, pruned, mulched & blown clean - all by someone else. :)

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