Wednesday, January 13, 2010

goy mezuzah.

I just bought this beautiful plaque to hang up by the front door of our home [considering hanging it up on the front door itself, but I do enjoy my seasonal wreaths ... ] as a reminder to all who enter here - mostly and especially us - that, to quote the wall above our hearth, we wish our home to be a place of happiness & health, of contentment, generosity & hope, a home of creativity & kindness, and for them to know only blessing & peace.

The quote is a Jewish blessing, though we are sooo not Jewish. And the concept of putting up such a reminder at the entrance to our home came from one of the women at the Slow Family Living blog, who was inspired by the mezuzahs on the doorposts of Jewish households.

She chose an aluminum star stamped with the word peace to put up on her front door, as "a reminder to all of us to slow down, connect and enjoy family life ... to leave the mess out there and bring in the connection we all need, love and want." Every time she and her family enter their home, they've begun a ritual of touching their "talisman," absorbing its good vibe.

I love this idea, but wanted something cheerfully attention-getting for our home's entrance. I went to Sticks, a furniture + home accents company whose pieces I've coveted for some time, to see whether one of their wall plaques struck a chord with me, and - ta da! - discovered this perfect little gem. I particularly love the way the words "Love Life Together" can mean either that we should relish life to the fullest together as a family or that we should love our family life ... or maybe it's just three top-priority words: Love. Life. Together. Whatever - any and/or all work[s] for me!

A quick shout-out for Sticks founder, Iowa-based artist Sarah Grant-Hutchison, who began creating her inspirational wood-etchings almost 25 years ago, and today oversees almost 150 artisans all producing handmade furniture, home accessories and object art. Another woman making money while making the world more beautiful.

image source: Artcraft Online

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Bernadette said...

That is beautiful! And I love that it works as a statement or as three individual sentiments: Love life together or Love. Life. Together.