Monday, January 11, 2010

garfunkel & oates.

I've got about a dozen new posts lined up ready to write - including one about what a slogger [blogger + slacker] I've been for the past few months - but this one seems like the right fit for a Monday following a weekend lost to the dreaded annual science fair project.

So maybe you're way hipper than I (not much of stretch, frankly) and you've already discovered Garfunkel & Oates. But I just stumbled across this dynamic duo over the holidays as I was clicking past the doomed Jay Lame-o, er, Leno Show, and they are sooo not lame. In fact, they're utterly hilarious and way hipper than I can hope to be at this stage of life.

They are musician/actresses Riki Lindhome [aka Garfunkel, above left] and Kate Micucci [aka Oates, above right], and with titles like "Pregnant Women are Smug" and "Sex with Ducks," their material ain't for Mormons. But here's the piece they performed on Leno, so yes, you can view it with colleagues or kids around:

Here, conversely, is a sampling of something you might want to view much more privately, and sans a glass of milk, lest it spray from your nostrils:

I believe the word you're searching for is irreverent. Or f**king riotous.
Go get s'more at YouTube or the G+O MySpace page.

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