Friday, January 8, 2010


So I've been mulling & mulling [yes, just like cider] my "one little word" for 2010 - a concept from life artist Ali Edwards of choosing a single word to represent what you want for yourself for the year - and seriously can't seem to hit upon the right one.

Past years' words: 2007 - embrace; 2008 - rest [an utter bust, by the way]; 2009 - connect.

So I'm considering not going with a verb, moving away from what I want to do and toward what I want to be. Existential, eh?

Still, I can't seem to come down to a single word.

So I'm thinking about trying to come up with a new word every month to meditate and reflect upon. What the hey - let's give it a go:

January's word: full.

a full life.

full of life.

full of energy.

full of the moment.

full of breath.

full of intention.

full of gratitude.

full of grace.

full of seeking.

full of understanding.

full of bold experiences.

full of strong connections.

full of movement.

full of purpose.

full of optimism.

full of joy.

a full heart.

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