Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tennis, anyone?

Let's forget about Serena Williams and her obscene throat-stuffing threats over imaginary faulty footing for the moment. Let's talk about powerful pink shoes and champion moms.

It was her first time at the U.S. Open, and what a opening performance it was for 17-year-old Melanie Oudin (pronounced oh-DAN) from Marietta, Georgia. Along with her refreshingly wide-eyed exuberance, Oudin brought courage, determination and perseverance to the women's event, reigning over three high-profile Russians, including former champion Maria Sharapova.

Already dubbed America's next tennis princess, this Cinderella-story subject has the shoe situation under control: Oudin's customized adidas sneakers were the buzz of Arthur Ashe stadium. She selected an eye-popping pink and yellow color scheme, and rather than put her name on the heel of the shoe, as originally designed, Oudin put the word BELIEVE - apparently the inspiration came from her 15-year-old boyfriend [who apparently has 'keeper' potential, as in he may be one].

Oudin finally fell at the quarterfinals to Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki, but a week later, she's already circling the talk show circuit. We'll likely be seeing plenty of her for years to come. I hope she keeps the cool shoes [not to be confused with cruel shoes] coming.

The woman who won over Wozniacki to earn the 2009 women's title was 26-year-old Kim Clijsters (pronounced CLY-sters) of Belgium. It was Clijsters' second U.S. Open triumph - she won in 2005, too - but her first as a mom [pictured above with her 18-month-old daughter, Jada - oh yeah, and her titanic trophy]. Clijsters' victory marks the first time a mom has won a major tennis tournament since 1980, and newly de-retired, she's also the first unseeded woman to win the U.S. Open ever.

Here's to the tennis "skirts," everyone! :)

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