Thursday, September 24, 2009

capturing me here now: ten things.

1. I believe more and more in Something Bigger - God, The Universe & Everything [hats off to you, Douglas Adams] - every day.

2. Kelly Rae Roberts' work ["She found freedom in possibilities," above, is hers] is speaking loudly and clearly to my heart nowadays. I've been feeling something tugging at my metaphysical sleeve for the past few months, and while it's easier to ignore it and keep walking the same path, Kelly's work serves as a continual reminder for me to rest and listen.

3. I rescued a pair of dogs out on a highway spree this week, and their owner finally connected with us this evening. We're sooo very relieved and grateful to return them to their own home and family. I couldn't let myself feel good about the beginning-saving part of the story until I saw it would have a happy ending.

4. I'm struggling with my weight once again, having a difficult time getting serious about losing the extra LBs I put on over 2009's Summer of Stress. Just can't seem to fit a weekly Weight Watchers meeting into my routine, even though I managed to do so for over a year. I wonder what this issue is all about.

5. I'm wondering how many pairs of eyeglasses is too many? I've got two with the correct prescription, but have become quite obsessed with a pair of Catherine Deneuve specs I spied at Eyemasters ... So, is three pairs too many for a girl who wears glasses 99.9% of her life?

6. I'm reading The Red Room Riddle: A Ghost Story by Scott Corbett to my kids every evening. As a kid, I used to check it out from the library and reread it every autumn - classic Hallowe'en book!

7. At long last, I'm scrapbooking my son's baby photos [he's six - yes, years]. I've been prepared to do it for some time, materials- and organization-wise, but had some fear about launching into such a big, important project. I finally just held my breath and leapt, and the water's just fine!

8. So much good telly to watch with the fall season debut - Dancing With the Stars [go, Donny!], Big Bang Theory [how did we miss seasons 1 & 2?], Glee [yeah, I'm "gleeking" out] ... and working our way through the first few seasons of Mad Men - scintillating and ohso stylish. Not to mention fresh episodes of The View, with Hasselbeck on hiatus [more maternity leave for Liz, please].

9. I lovelovelove the rain ... but sort of wish it would come only during the night.

10. I heart this song/video - dare you to click through and not smile: :)

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