Tuesday, September 15, 2009

love me some beyonce.

If there's one universal truth to be reinforced from the spate of spiteful outbursts we've witnessed within the past week, then it must be this: bad behavior = good publicity.

Joe Wilson. Serena Williams. Kanye West. We've all seen the videos, listened to the media mashup. It's practically inescapable.

And I, like many others, am fairly appalled by their outrageous self-entitlement and bullying (though to be fair, it does seem Serena was simply caught publicly having a horrible terrible no good very bad day - such temper tantrums are not a recurring theme with her).

But what has genuinely moved me - literally to tears - is a moment of healing and grace between two women, one giving, both receiving.

Beyonce was visibly flabbergasted when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for MTV's Video Music Award for Best Female Video to take the microphone and assert that Beyonce's also-nominated "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" video should have won the category.

It looked like all involved were humiliated - except West, who was no doubt downing the dregs of the big bottle of booze he had been guzzling out on the red carpet. But while he still hasn't had the gonads or good manners to apologize to Swift personally, Beyonce decided then and there to do her part to heal the hurt West had done.

Later on in the show, when she won Video of the Year, Beyonce promptly sacrificed the spotlight and invited Swift to return to the stage and properly "have her moment."

It was a gesture and a moment of kindness, generosity, beauty and, above all, grace between two young women who share a gift for song and little else.

Beyonce, being a girl with an plentiful posterior myself, I've always loved you for embracing your bootylicious badonkadonk (sp?) and working it for all the world to enjoy. But today, I also love you for embracing a sister and taking her with you as you rise above.

You are a woman of substance, inspiration, grace and empowerment, and my newest hero.

Plus, damn, girl - check you out on stage doing your thing! Amazing.


Susan K. Morrow said...

I'm delighted that you used a picture that displays so beautifully Beyonce's really nice rear end! My daughters and I just love her. How sweet she was to her sister Taylor.

Susan K. Morrow said...

P.S. That's a lot of pelvic thrust in that video! But how do they do it? I think Beyonce and her dancers got no bones!

kriscard said...

I have no idea ... it's the repetitive cycle between full squats and standing that really impresses me - stunning leg strength - along with her unfaltering faith in her wax job ... WOWZA!! ;D