Friday, February 13, 2009

stumping the competition.

It's a Texas two-fer: last year, Uno the beagle of Austin was named numero namesake at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show; this week, Stump the Sussex spaniel of Houston became his successor for the silver cup.

Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee, or Stump (so-called due to his tree-like coloring and stubby legs), not only is the first of his breed to win the Westminster Best in Show, but, at 10 years, also is the oldest winner in the competition's 133-year history.

Stump also stumped the odds in other ways. Four years ago, he retired from "show" business following a near-death infection; Stump spent 19 days with the miracle-working veterinarians at Texas A&M University, who saved his life. His owner/handler, Scott Sommer, decided the week before the Westminster to bring Stump to the big show, just for kicks.

Stump proceeded to kick some serious tail, plodding past a giant schnauzer, a standard poodle, a puli, a Brussels griffon, a Scottish deerhound and a Scottish terrier - not to mention the almost 2,500 other pooches competing - to prove the old man's still got it.

Maybe Stump's just been pretending to chew on his favorite Grinch doll toy while he was actually chewing on tips from his roommate, J.R., a Bichon Frise who won the Best in Show honor in 2001 . . .

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