Thursday, February 19, 2009

once in love with Amy . . .

Amy Poehler has done it again.

I personally never believed she could do something as awesome as the infinitely memorable Pregnant Poehler Does Palin's Alaskan Rap a la Saturday Night Live, but she's come up with something new - something not as uproarious, but definitely as cool.

It's called Smart Girls at the Party, and it's an original digital TV series that "celebrates extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves."

Awesomely cool, huh?

Created by Poehler and friend Meredith Walker - former senior producer for Nickelodeon's Nick News and former head of talent for SNL - along with recording artist and performer Amy Miles playing tunes, the series to date consists of eight brief (like eight minutes or so) episodes. Each features Poehler's interview with a real girl with a unique talent, community interest or point of view, offering spirited truths about topics as diverse as feminism and praise dancing.

The interviews are at times light-hearted, at other times serious, and Poehler is brilliant at honoring the girls' originality while still keeping the viewer smiling. Well worth a watch.

Smart Girls at the Party is released by Austin-based ON Networks, a digital media innovator "leading the change in how digital TV programs are created, distributed, consumed and sponsored." You can watch SGATP through either ON Networks at, or its syndication partners, which include iTunes and Adobe Media Player.

Catch the episode featuring Smart Girl Cameron The Writer here and now:

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