Wednesday, February 29, 2012

stuff i luff.

leap day.
i wish i could say i did something extra-special
with my extra day of 2012, but i didn't.
i wish i could say i leaped [leapt??], but i didn't.
i took a chicken potpie to friends with a new baby.
not leap-ish, but greatly appreciated.

apple, the company.
my 5yo ipod classic's battery finally refused to recharge.
i took it to a live person at the apple store at the mall.
he gave me a brand-new ipod classic for half-price.
so so so much better than calling voices halfway around the world
for wholly unsatisfactory resolutions.

anthropologie + ingrid michaelson.
love both. don't spend enough time with either.
missed my opportunity to buy tix to ingrid's austin album tour stop.
then, an anthropologie emessage pops up: store concert series.
first 150 replies see her for free at their austin store during sxsw.
we're in. it's on. thrilling.

the right help at the right time.
two new, amazing women have come into our lives
to help walk our teen girl across the fiery coals of adolescence.
they will strengthen her physically & emotionally,
while school & family continue to work mentally & spiritually.
it takes a village, people. god bless us, every one.

mandola's italian market.
our latest date-nite indulgence.
caprese salads [one with prosciutto, one plain],
split a bruschetta [pronounced broo-sketta, by the way],
a couple of glasses of house wine & oh, the buttery bread . . .
il mio cuore canta!!

louise hay's heart thoughts: a treasury of inner wisdom.
a beautiful new edition of this collection of
affirmations, meditations & spiritual treatments
designed to help the inspiree move from old habits to new practices
with ease & peace.
louise hay is brilliant.

i heart organizing.
the perfect bloggity inspiration for a
type a, optimism enthusiast, linear-leaning, color-lurving,
hoarding: buried alive junkie such as myself.
jen jones is the wisconsin-based blogger/designer/organizer,
& even though i'm envious, i still like her & love her work!

image source: katie daisy.

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