Sunday, February 12, 2012

such a waste.

typically, i'm sick of being tired.
today, i'm tired of being sick.

three half-written posts will be forthcoming
once one full-on cold ceases to be ongoing.

but meanwhile, a shadow of sadness overlays my illness.
whitney houston dead @ 48yo.
god gave her an amazing & unique gift,
& she squandered it on an abusive man & an addictive lifestyle.

my husband & i spent our time at the breakfast table this morning
explaining to teen girl & big boy what was so special about ms. houston.
[because, honestly, she fell off her rising star about 15 years ago,
before either of our kids were born.]

here's an excellent example — whitney singing the national anthem
at the 1991 super bowl, at essentially the peak of her career.

if you're like me, you'll watch it in awe,
then say a little prayer that whitney houston
has found her true voice again among the angels.


Jen said...

There is definitely a gloomy feeling looming today because of her loss. I am sad that true talent became victim to the power of addiction. Sad that, in recent years, it overshadowed her amazing ability.

Diana said...

What a poignant thought about Whitney finding her voice again. Nice tribute. Explained a little about her talent (sans the falling off the star part she didn't need to know) to K too. Then listened to the Grammy's tribute video of her singing I Will Always Love You. Wow. What K said, too. Wow.