Friday, September 17, 2010

where i've been.

ok, so, it's been a whirling dervish of a time.
& no, i still don't know whether i'm a chosen ivillage contributor. i'm waiting for word as i type.

i put a whole lot of time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, migraine medication,
you name it, what have you, into my three-minute-six-second "audition" video.

& i like it. it's a good, real reflection of who i am, what my life is about & what i can do.
so if they don't choose me as one of their top ten, then it's ok, because
i gave them authenticity. i gave them me. & if it's not enough or not the right fit for what they're doing, then ok. so be it.

still, i'm hopeful.
& so, so sleepy.

past ten days:

submitted my video.
spent the weekend up in dallas celebrating my big sister's milestone birthday,
single-parenting with dogs along for the ride.
began weekly hula dance class.
went through a 24-hour severe depression.
survived big girl's bigtime meltdown.
accidentally upset little boy's teacher.
slept through india.
unpacked. worked. did laundry. exercised. did dishes. worked. packed.
spent three-day weekend down in san marcos
scrapbooking with my girlfriends.
worried about my money, my brother, my to-do list.
played catchup. catchup. catchup. still not quite caught up.

breathing. breathing. breathing.
b r e a t h i n g.

just today:

race for the cure.

leftovers. homework. cleanup. bedtime.
dancing with the stars week 1 elimination.

be trusting. be grateful. be inspired.
just be.

& it will be

image source: "owl friends & a bird with a hat," by marisa haedike/creative thursday @

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