Monday, September 27, 2010


hello, monday. wtf?

& i mean wtf? in the best possible way. really, i do!

because my confusion comes from waking up to dry, cool weather -
a courageous soul might even be inclined to categorize it as fall-ish -

in austin, texas. on september 27th.

this sort of autumnal weather rarely appears for us prior to november,
much less within a week of the actual autumnal equinox.

& while i realize the likelihood of it staying around long enough
to count as a real third season [aside from our typical two, summer & not-summer]
is slim to shady, this respite from the searing, steamy &/or
tropical-storm-induced-random-rainshower weather
we've been experiencing for the past five months is
glorious. energizing. such a throw-the-windows-open-&-let-some-fresh-air-in relief.

i just want to run out & buy a big ol' pumpkin
[or 'punkin,' as we texans are sometimes wont to say].

wtf. wonderous. tenuous. fahhhhhhll.
ah. :)

image source: not sure, but it's a remarkable representation of football season here in a college town.

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