Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fashion first.

no, no. "fashion first" is definitely not my motto.
["comfort over fashion" has, in fact, been my credo for many years.]

but just in case you weren't following every high-drama haute-couture
moment of new york fashion week 2010, it featured a full-figured fashion first.

[i'm tempted, as a big girl my own self, to note
the event was too weighty to ignore, but i'll refrain.]

yes, u.s. retailer onestopplus sponsored the first-ever
fashion week show dedicated exclusively to women with curves.

with sizable celebrities like nikki blonsky & gabourey sidibe
seated front-row at lincoln center, & model emme hosting,
the show featured over a dozen plus-size labels showcasing their designs
via 18 magnificent size 12-&-up models.

said onestoplus president stephanie sobel,
"sixty-two percent of american women are overweight.
these are customers who want to see women of diverse sizes
respected, celebrated & embraced."

amen, size-parity sisters.

click here to read sobel's huffington post about fashion democracy.

image source: people style watch.

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