Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hither & yon.

here & there. all over the place.
that's me right now.

exhausted from all the may mayhem.

a lot
disappointed in yesterday's big blowout
final fifth-grade all-day field trip
with big girl.

swimming = swell.
games = lame. [& it was mostly games.]
lunch = ick. [seriously *ick*.]

a little
depressed, because my big girl
won't be at elementary school
ever again
as of next week.


upon my high-school graduation,
my mother told me,
"life is just a series of endings."
[mom's sort of a pessimist.]

of course, it's true, though
i think of it as
"life is full of change; it's the only constant."
[change = endings + beginnings]

and though i know
old endings necessitate new beginnings,
the endings are getting the better of me.

feeling too many
too soon.

mama needs a cupcake.
who's with me? :\

image source: blognetnews

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