Friday, February 26, 2010


Offering a big presidential-in-law HOLLA!! to FGOTUS [fuh-GO-tus] - the unofficial acronymic nickname for Marian Robinson, First Grandmother Of The United States.

According to an recent Associated Press article, the First Lady's 72yo mom - despite originally being less than thrilled with the move from her native Chicago to DC - has created rather a happy life for herself in and out of the White House.

Mrs. Robinson spends plenty of time watching over her young granddaughters, Malia [11] and Sasha [8], attends many White House functions, and with "Michelle's family," traveled abroad for the first time last year - via Air Force One - to Ghana, Russia and Italy, where she met the pope.

But she also rooms solo up on the floor above the First Family's living quarters, has formed her own circle of friends, goes shopping on her own, and enjoys visit to the Kennedy Center, as well as an anonymity the First Couple is a little envious of.

"She's quite the lady about town," President Obama said. "But the nice thing is that she just walks out the gate and goes."

A little in-laws-in-the-White-House history: Both Woodrow Wilson and Harry S. Truman had live-in mothers-in-law during their presidential terms - Wilson's was his second wife's mother, and his wife's sister lived with them, too; Truman's MIL lived with them despite her open dislike for Harry.

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