Monday, February 22, 2010

confessions of a repeat slogger.

Forgive me, readers, for I have slogged. Again.
It has been a full month+ since my last post, and that one was an utter bummer.

For both of these blogging sins, I'm heartily sorry and beg your forgiveness.
Today, I sit ready to try, try/type, type again.

So, what's happening with me that I tumbled off of the blogging wagon so readily?
How about a little catchup? Since I've been 'gone,':

- I spent a weekend in Vegas with my honey, completely geeking out by seeing Donny+Marie and Bette Midler within a 24-hour period ... exhilarating and exhausting;

- I've spent many hours at the side of my dear friend Irmtraud, who has been battling breast cancer for the past three years but who now is slowly succumbing ... grueling and heartbreaking;

- I spent a weekend up in DFW, belatedly celebrating my mom's birthday, seeing my hubby sing and watching our kids frolic in the several inches of snow they got ... taxing and illuminating;

- I got and got over a mean little cold ... miserable and merciful;

- I helped my honey celebrate his band's thirty-year anniversary with a huge hootenanny both on- and off-stage ... fun and fulfilling;

- I've been piecing together the puzzle of Summer 2010, including day camps for both kids, a Hawai'ian vacation for my sister and me (she's hitting the mid-century mark), a visit to my in-laws' in Oklahoma, and a potential family trip elsewhere (possibly the Pacific Northwest?) ... tangly and contrary;

- I witnessed the inch+ snow we got here in Austin, the most in a quarter-century ... beautiful and messy; and

- I'm prepping for our son's lucky number seven next weekend - a piggy party, complete with egg-carton snouts and curling-ribbon pig tails for all ten little guests ... pink and silly.

So, it's been a full February.
But no excuses. Color me a recovering slogger, and let's keep moving forward.

Blog on.

image source: sharing nature's garden (thanks, diana!!)

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