Saturday, August 1, 2009

celebrate the everyday - august.

It's August, 2009. How will you celebrate being a woman?

August 1Girlfriends Day
August 2Sisters Day, Friendship Day [so if you've got a sister-friend or a friendly sister, then it's your day!]
August 5 - Full moon [the most unromantic Sturgeon Moon ... see sturdy sturgeon, above]
August 8The Date to Create, Happiness Happens Day [get creative! get happy!]
August 15Best Friends Day, National Relaxation Day [sounds like a spa day for BFFs!]
August 18Cupcake Day
August 26Women's Equality Day, National Dog Day [no connection whatsoever ... ]

Remember, where there is connection, there is power.
Where there is power, there is hope for change. For ourselves, and for our world.
We are all connected. We are all powerful.

Until my next post, be well, be happy & be hopeful.

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