Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a lack of gun control.

And by "gun," of course I mean "arm." As in Michelle Obama's so-toned, much-chronicled upper appendages.

No, I'm not saying the First Lady lacks control over her own "First Guns." I'm saying the media has spun way out of control in its coverage of her ceps, both bi and tri.

At first I found articles and columns and mentions of Mrs. Obama's buff arms an amusing aside to the cacophony of catastrophic issues facing the country and the First Couple.

But that was months ago, and coverage of Michelle Obama's arms continues. Steadily. Daily, even. It's bizarre, really, and geezaloo, people - how much can there possibly be to say about one amazing woman's incredible arms??

She's 45. She works out. She's fit and she's fine.
Fine. Done.

But it isn't, and thank goodness, I'm not the only person (not even close) who feels this particular media obsession has gone over the edge, directly into hilarity.

Enter "First Guns," the blog. This continual catalog and commentary regarding current media coverage of the First Lady's arms - named Thunder (right) and Lightning (left) - is wryly written from the perspective of the adulated arms themselves: "Everyone's been writing about us. Now we're speaking out. We're Thunder and Lightning, the First Guns."

As salon.com's Lynn Harris notes:

No longer content to flex in sleeveless silence, Michelle Obama's arms have come out swinging - with some pretty muscular media criticism. By addressing, for one, the "uproar" over their alleged cool-weather overexposure ("We didn't notice people having seasonal issues with Cindy McCain wearing turtlenecks and leather blazers all summer, but whatever"), Thunder and Lightning satirically smack down their actual overexposure, noting that the Chicago Tribune ran five stories on them in five days.

I can barely wait for them to hit Twitter.

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