Monday, March 16, 2009

good advice for not-so-good times.

from author and speaker Mimi Doe, the woman behind Spiritual Parenting:

Don't let the fear that currently enfolds our world seep into your heart.

Rather than reading the newspaper or watching the evening news,
try reading inspiring books, watching incredible talks at, or creating simple evenings with your family.

Find ways to keep joy alive in your household even though you may be worried about your job or your savings may be depleted.
Trust that this is a time rich with opportunity for you and for your family, and that you are in the right place at the right time.

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Susan K. Morrow said...

This is actually irrespective of the "get away from the negativity" deal, because--well, I pretty much invented that. (If not in this lifetime, then in another.) But I will suggest this as something to help with that. My daughter and I like to go to places, big or small, that we've never been before. It might be an antique shop or a junk store, maybe a movie theatre (the discount one?) or a park. Most recently, we stopped off in Palestine, Texas, at a restaurant called Giovanni's. Now, without all of the circumstances coming together, we'd have never tried it. You know what I mean--we were passing through, we were hungry, and we couldn't find a bar-b-que place. Giovanni's did not disappoint--except, I must say, for the tomato vinaigrette. It was ketchup with oregano. But the entrees were excellent, the bread was divine, the dessert was a monstrous mountain of chocolate, and the waitress was a sweet East Texas girl. The prices were very reasonable. So, in your wanderings as you search for serenity and positive vibes, if you find yourself in Palestine, Texas, check out Giovanni's. You won't be disappointed--as long as you don't get the tomato vinaigrette dressing!