Friday, September 19, 2008

be grateful. be healthier.

According to a recent body + soul article, expressing gratitude does more than just make you feel happier - it can actually help you be healthier.

Researchers have discovered the regular practice of gratitude can have a huge affect on your health - including helping you sleep more restfully, experience fewer symptoms due to physical sickness, and spend more time exercising (just 'cause you feel like it!).

Other amazing side-effects recently confirmed via research ... gratitude can:
  • make life more enjoyable, more fulfilling and more deeply peaceful;
  • help you live in the moment;
  • make you feel better about your life overall;
  • make you feel more optimistic about your expectations for the future;
  • help you progress toward your goals;
  • reduce materialistic strivings;
  • help you strengthen relationships; and
  • inspire you to share, return a favor, and offer emotional support and help to others.
And one suggestion for boosting your gratitude practice:
Build a gratitude wall. Whenever you're moved by the spirit of gratitude, write down the source of your inspiration on a Post-it note and stick it up on the wall. Gradually, you'll create a mosaic of gratitude, with plenty to remind you of what makes your life special.

And, if you're really talented, then you can turn your gratitude Post-its into a mosaic of The King, as shown above.  :)

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