Saturday, February 1, 2014


i expected the holidays to be intense. they ever are, especially when you’re the mom of the holiday-hosting household, which i am.

but january? i expected it to be full, but fresh. The calm beyond the storm of The Season. the reset button called A New Year.

not so much for me this time around.

my january was two trips to dallas, my mom’s 80th birthday, two science fair projects, three bouts of stomach virus, one car accident, one big goat show [with one blue ribbon!], & one Mother of All Migraines [surprising? um, no].

plus, you know, Daily Life. seriously, y’all, we just returned our christmas tree to the garage yesterday.

all of which is to say, for me, in 2014, february is the new january.

so … happy new year [it is the new lunar year, after all]!!

since 2008, i’ve adopted a new year’s tradition [begun by artist & designer ali edwards] called one little word.

i choose one word for myself for the year – a word i can focus, meditate & reflect upon as i go about my Daily Life. i invite it in, live with it, let it speak to me & follow where it leads.

my past words have included embrace, hello, full, clear, light & shine.

for 2014, i’ve decided my one little word is [drumroll, please] … up [applause, please].

up | ready, eager, open, awake, into a happy mood

last year, i moved forward from several spots where i had been stuck for years.
this year, i intend to keep moving forward, but upward, too.

i’m moving on up, turning it up a notch, taking it to a whole. ‘nother. level.
just call me Ms. 45-Degrees 2014.

it’s a new year, everyone. what’s your one little word going to be?

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