Saturday, November 9, 2013

i'm baack!!


it's been six months since my last post.
which i just noticed was about maternity leave.
which has nothing to do with my absence from bloglandia.

well, i did birth a baby of sorts at the beginning of september –
my at-long-last professional website,
only almost-eleven years in the making.

& i'm mighty proud of it; it is a beautiful baby.

but, to tell the truth, i'm not sure why i took a break from the blog.
i guess i needed to. maybe i needed to see whether i missed it.
maybe i needed to see whether it missed me.

& you know what? it didn't.
i'm not sure whether anyone at all even noticed my six-month hiatus.
except me. i missed the blogosphere, even if the feeling wasn't mutual.

wed almost 19 years, & i'm still in an unrequited relationship.

oh, well. i'm happy to be back,
even if i'm the only one who knows it.

coming soon: more, more, more stories told for my own fun + fulfillment. :)

image source: sacred source nutrition.


Susan K. Morrow said...

I'm aware! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

It was missed. I enjoy your blog and was periodically looking for it:). Glad your back!