Wednesday, February 6, 2013

handmade holiday, part two.

continuing to share some of the gifts i put together
to save cash & sanity during the 2012 holiday season . . .

cozy toes kits.
for girlfriends.

the inspiration: this pinned post over at our best bites blog.
the how: bought fuzzy socks, matching nail polish & jingle bells, designed & printed matching labels [using the template at the blog post, but with my own design], packaged into cellophane bags with ribbon.

the spend: 5 pairs socks @ $3 each + 5 bottles nail polish @ $1.50 + 2 packages jingle bells [4] @ $5 each = about $7 per gift [5 total].
the resources: target socks & jingles, walgreen's sinful colors nail polish.

seasonal art.
for couples friends.

the inspiration: this blog post over at young house love.
the how: bought packages of laser-cut felt ornaments & white frames, glued ornaments on scrapbook paper & framed in pairs.

the spend: 4 packages ornaments [4 each] @ $1 + 12 frames @ $2 each + scrapbook paper [already had] = about $5 per gift [6 pairs total].
the resources: michael's laser-cut felt ornaments; ikea white 4x6" ribba frames.

cranberry pecan breakfast bread with orange glaze.
for helping-hands friends.

the inspiration:all mine.
the how: bought ceramic miniloaf pans, found a couple of recipes i thought might combine tastily, baked & wrapped.
the spend: 12 miniloaf pans @ $1 each + grocery store ingredients + wrap & ribbons = about $2.50 per gift [12 total].
the resources: michaels ceramic miniloaf pans; martha stewart bread recipe here [substituted craisins for cherries, eliminated streusel]; orange glaze recipe here.

candy cans.
for teaching friends.

the inspiration: this blog post over at young house love.
the how: bought mini paintcans & various holiday m&ms; filled cans with candy; designed & printed labels; put it together.
the spend: 2 paint cans @ $1 each + $5 of m&ms = about $3.50 per gift [2 total].
the resources: michael's mini paintcans; target holiday m&ms.

custom calendars.
for anyone.

the inspiration: this blog post over at young house love.
the how: researched inspirational quotations from some of my all-time favorite women, designed & printed onto white cardstock, trimmed & clipped.
the spend: white cardstock + printer ink + binder clips = awfully dang cheap!
the resources: michael's white cardstock; office depot printer ink & binder clips.

want one of my 2013 custom calendars for your own? just post a comment
including the magic word & your e-address, & i'll send you a pdf you can
print onto 8.5x11" cardstock, trim along marked lines, clip together & enjoy the rest of the year!

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Susan K. Morrow said...

You are SO GOOD! I would love it if I had the time, energy, money, and level of creativity required to do all these! And then photograph them and blog about them! You're amazeballs!