Monday, February 4, 2013

handmade holiday, part one.

yes, i realize christmas happened six weeks ago.
i just thought i'd give everyone a brief break from
the jingling & caroling & all-consuming event that begins
around hallowe'en & continues through new year's.

so now that we're well along our way to the next hallmark occasion,
full of love & hearts, doilies & babies with mad archery skillz,
i thought i'd share some of the gifts i put together
to save cash & sanity during the 2012 holiday season.

mexi-cocoa + mono mugs.
for some long-distance relatives.

the inspiration: this blog post over at young house love.
the how: found a recipe & mixed up a little spicy cocoa, designed & printed labels with instructions, packaged mix into cellophane bags & stuffed them into monogram mugs.
the spend: 4 mugs @ $6 each + grocery store ingredients + bags = about $7.00 per gift [4 total].
the resources: anthropologie monogram mugs here; food network mexican cocoa recipe here.

ginger bones for good dogs.
for four-legged family members.

the inspiration: all mine.
the how: bought a couple of boxes of holiday dog treats, divvied them up, designed & printed labels, & repackaged them into cellophane bags.
the spend: 2 boxes @ $6 each + bags = about $1.50 per gift [9 total].
the resource: world market dog treats here.

initial ikea heart ornaments.
for other folks' kids.

the inspiration: all mine.
the how: bought a few boxes of warm & fuzzy heart ornaments, bought some sparkly iron-on letters, added hot iron & ta-da!
the spend: 3 boxes of 4 ornaments @ $5 each + 1 package of iron-on letters @ $5 = about $2 per gift [10 total, with 2 leftover for me].
the resources: ikea ornaments [some crazy swedish name i neglected to note; available only during holidays]; michael's iron-on letters.

cafepress photornament.
for parents & siblings.

the inspiration: cafepress e-coupon.
the how: designed & bought aluminum photo ornaments at cafepress website.
the spend: 4 ornaments @ $12.50 each/$10 holiday sale + $12 coupon + $6.75 s&h = about $11.50 per gift [3 total, with 1 additional for my family].
the resource: cafepress personalized photo ornament here.

perfectly she pendants.
for the amazing women who inspire me.

the inspiration: beth quinn designs.
the how: a friend & i spotted these necklace-making goods at a scrapbooking show; we bought a kit to split, plus some extras so we each had enough supplies to create 8 necklaces. i designed, printed & glittered the phrases, & added charms.
the spend: $15 half-kit + $23 extra ball chains, silver trays & glaze|glue + $12 charms = about $6.50 per gift [6 total, with 2 leftover for later birthday gifts].
the resources: craft fantastic tray pendant kit here.

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